Good Day Everyone!

I woke up this morning and decided that my first blog post will be written today. So here it is!

About Me:

I’m Phoebe. I’m 20 and just completed my first year of university. Currently studying business law in the university of Hohenheim in Stuttgart, Germany. I’ve been in Germany for about eight years now, schooling. And, I’m a Ghanaian.
I’m a fun loving person that loves discovering new things. My hobbies are reading, cooking (eating) and dancing.

What to expect:

I’m going  be talking about social issues, matters concerning our faith, relationships-be it love, family etc.
I’ll share with you my cooking experiences, and also food I didn’t make myself but enjoyed.
Life in Germany as a Ghanaian is simply interesting! I’ll share this with you too!

For this blog to be the great, fun, interactive and informative one, I’ll need you to comment, criticize and send in suggestions. Feel free to be constructive!