Wedding – What Is Really Important?

Wedding – What Is Really Important?

It is almost every girl’s dream to have a wedding, an unforgettable wedding.

But then, unforgettable for who? For you the couple or for people who will be invited, family, friends and colleagues etc?

It is quite understandable that as a couple you would want to make the official beginning of your union full of special moments and great memories. After all, it is a very important step in your life together. The fuss being made lately about weddings being on point or not is quite superficial. This because after trying to impress all these people, most of which you do not even know you well/personally, you are left alone to make your marriage work.

Then you ask yourself, what exactly is the essence of a wedding?

The probably most important reason for a wedding is to have your union legalized. When your union is legalized, you exchange vows, your families are introduced to each other officially, making it very hard for a separation or divorce to happen. In other words, your relationship is more secure with a wedding than without.

But then, with these reasons listed, is it wise to save up money that could buy a brand new car just for a wedding? Or even worse, go in for a loan? You’ll see couples have a pompous wedding only to be seen suffering financially after the occassion. Is that what life is about?

Why not have a small wedding, which is cute and full of love? That is very possible. And more convenient because you will have less to worry about. Plus, you won’t start your life together with debt.

It is about time  we, especially the ladies, become realistic. We ought to know who/what really counts. We should cut our coats according to our various sizes and know what fits us, rather than following the trend, just to belong.

Say ‘I Do’ Your Own Way.


10 thoughts on “Wedding – What Is Really Important?

  1. You hit it right on the nail. Why will you go for a loan all in the name of white wedding? The most important thing is that the two people involved love each other and are ready to go through thick and thin. You can make it memorable by celebrating with the few most important people in your life.
    Indeed we the ladies need to be realistic on such issues.

  2. Well said. I really consider this a very intelligent piece. ALL the questions raised and the suggested answers and advice given are awesome and in order. We also need to look at a few issues; is it wrong to have a classy and expensive wedding if you can afford? and what about a lady whose friends had very colorful weddings about to plan her own wedding, can you imagine what will go on in her mind? well you will have to be in the soup to feel how hot it is to start your marriage life on debt, but The society dynamics is creating all these issues that raise questions as to which is important? the wedding ceremony or the marriage?

    1. Thank you Basti. there is nothing wrong with having it your way, if you can afford it because that is cutting your coat according to your size. if I had friends who had posh weddings, and I prefer a small one, I think good friends will actually support my small wedding and encourage me. Life is not a competition, We are all different AND unique.

  3. The issue of marriage and wedding has taken a different dimension world wide since its organizing ans structure are informed by one’s cultural beliefs but the accepted is the ‘white wedding” which is in many ways preventing some young guys from getting into it considering the cost implications. Just accept what ever the two of you will be able to provide and have a simple but classy ceremony !!!!

  4. U see y I so wanted to read ur script? This and many more I say everyday…Weddings are nt soo important U kno. My sister is having 1 nxt month and they are just hustlin evrything eventhough they r doin it home 4 a few pipo…

  5. I always thought I was the only person with this notion, thank GoD I have you too
    sharing it. I have always wondered why some people go in for loan just to put up
    their so called “dream wedding” & when there aRe done with it they marry making
    their end up having problem paying back all because they couldn’t gather enough
    contribution to payback & this might even cause some sort of hatred between the
    couple for ever. why don’t they just go in for something simple which will befit their pocket either than following the mass cuz u might not know where they pull
    out their resource to come out with such huge weddings.

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