Love Says Be You

Love Says Be You

Most at times you see young and older ladies come out of relationships, totally shattered. They find it hard to move on, not because the man was so awesome, but because they had lost themselves during the time with that particular man. They built their lives around one person, failing to remember to think of themselves.

How does this happen? Losing yourself, Your personality?

It happens simply because these women place the men above themselves. In their desperate quest to please their men to be able to keep them, they forget to accept themselves and build their pride around themselves, not around these men. They forget that it is them being them, in their unique ways, with their friends, family, upbringing etc. that makes them extraordinary. This makes them worth loving.

There is no need to change your life completely when you yourself do not see the change and its effect to be positive for you. The times when we changed our lifestyles completely to fit that of one man are long gone, or at least should be long gone.

Why else would a woman adapt to a man? Because she depends on Him financially, emotionally etc.

Ladies, this is not it!!! Empower yourself!

Know your worth! Know what makes you you! What makes you unique! There is a big difference between you and your partner adapting to each other and you giving up your life for a partner. He should appreciate you, not change you to become what he wants.

Do not lose yourself in a relationship. Take care of yourself.

Do not forget what was before him. Your family, friends, career etc. They count too. They helped you become who you are.

From concerned women to concerned women

You deserve better
You are special too
Do not let yourself go because you fell in love

Love is a beautiful bond
It is supposed to make you better not bitter
Do not love a man more than yourself

Look at yourself in the mirror
What do you see?
It not too late
You can make a change

Yes you are a woman
Your love is deep
You want to take care of your man
Make him feel special

Do not forget yourself
Pamper yourself too
Live life

Do not let yourself go because of a relationship
Keep your self worth
Keep your dignity
Let them shine through

Love him, and yourself too.

Thank you so much Mawusi of! God bless you for your patience, time and input!