Pray For Yourself

Pray For Yourself

An incident that happened early last month in Accra-Ghana sent chills down my spine. Four people died and thirteen others injured through a stampede in a church. It gets worse: they were rushing for holy water. (Details here and

Pause right there.

HOLY WATER? Which part of the Bible tells us Jesus left Holy Water for us or God gives us Holy Water?

Why should Christians die/perish in pursuit of God, if they’re not being persecuted? Why should men of God rather be worshipped? Why should you trust somebody’s prayers more than yours? Why do we fail to interprete the signs that are so clear? Why do we fail to acknowledge there’s a problem? Why can’t we identify something foul?

I am not here to condemn. I can’t condemn because I’m not God, neither can I judge. I can only try to discern as we’re told to do in Luke 12:56 and Hebrews 5:14.

The fact is, there are false prophets and pastors out there. We can’t deny it. We find idol worshipers coming out to declare how they’re actually the source of power and success of certain renowned pastors and prophets. And one interesting thing is, most of these pastors and prophets have not come out to deny these allegations.

It’s understandable that in times of trial it is hard to focus on such issues. But one thing worth considering is your eternal life. If you do prioritize your eternal life above the earthly life, which is very very hard to do but not impossible, you’ll be forced to analyse the authenticity of these pastors and their ‘prayer camps’.

Christians will perish less by opening their Bibles and building a personal relationship with God. Through Jesus’ sacrifice we have free access to God through Jesus (Hebrews 9). We don’t need any middlemen to intercede for us. Yes, we’re a royal priesthood (1 Peter 2:9) Jesus left His Holy Spirit with us, we are all entitled to it. He didn’t differentiate (John 14:26).

Build your own connection with God. Talk to Him everywhere. He’s omnipresent. Have faith in your relationship with Him. He says He’s faithful and just to forgive us. So your past, your guilty conscience don’t have a say. Do away with whatever is blocking you and God. Nothing should block the connection. Having established this connection, there’s no need to call upon a third party. Whatever bothers you is between you and your daddy – God.

And yes, save your money! Where in the Bible did the prophets and apostles charge people who came to them for help? You know something is wrong when you’re asked a list of items that have got nothing in common with your situation. There’s nothing wrong with being benevolent. But there’s a problem when you condone evil.

Stay in your bedroom and pray. Pray with your family. Pray with your spouse. Pray with your friends. Don’t run to any pastor or prophet to pray for you. Sister, Brother pray for yourself!