Things I Wish I Had Known At 16 Years Old, 16 Years Later

Things I Wish I Had Known At 16 Years Old, 16 Years Later

A lesson I had to learn the hard way! ” To understand that, regardless of the subject, my mother was, and still is, right about everything. ”

I can relate to this. Totally!

Suzie Speaks

The challenge of focusing on different perspectives is a difficult one – I don’t possess a creative fictional brain and spent a lot of time attempting to imagine various situations from the perspective of contrasting people, to no avail.

However, the sad news that I have received this week has prompted me to reflect on life a little, and I found myself thinking about the me of 16 years ago. This me was a very different person to the me that I know now, and there are lots of things I want to say to that 16 year old, with her frizzy blonde hair, her insecurities and her weaknesses. I thought I knew everything. I had a plan – where I was going to go, what I was going to do and how I was going to do it – and if my 32 year old self could travel back in…

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My Daddy Gon’ Take Care Of It!

My Daddy Gon’ Take Care Of It!

Happy New Year Everyone!  I hope you had a great start and I pray for you the grace to accomplish your goals!
Goals goals goals!  Resolutions resolutions resolutions!
I didn’t make a new one, I simply continued from last year. I resolved to be better. To be a better person, a better daughter, a better Christian, a better girlfriend/partner, a better student,  a better friend …. a better Me! I can only be better if I give the best of what I have. And I’ll always keep getting better. I say ‘better’ because it means I can still grow and improve, no matter where I get to.
Well, one of the personal projects I started last year was FORGIVENESS!
It’s been exactly three months today and I want to update/share with you, how it has been and what I have learnt.
My first update was basically: Be bold to keep people who hurt far from you.  There’s no point seeing them every day to be reminded of the pain and/or to be hurt again.
Today’s update is: Pray for them. Put them in God’s hands and just leave them there! No amount of pain or revenge you plan for them will make you feel better,  maybe short term, but not long term. You’ll regret it. Sometimes you’re so tempted to do something to hurt them as well, just let go. I know it’s harder than it sounds. But truth is, I’ve tried it and it’s worked for me. I had to hear ‘just let them be’ repeatedly before I finally discarded that thought. It wasn’t easy, but it was possible. You pray for this particular person and for yourself. Ask for the spirit and strength to forgive.  Ask for a positive mindset and concentrate on you. You’ll see how this prayer will take you miles. You’ll be more productive because you’re working on YOU.
Whenever I hear of what someone has said about me, whenever I get hurt, I’ll just pray about it and let God handle them. Why? Because no revenge of mine, no telling off, no confrontation can match up to what God can do. Just look at how your parents become angry when you’re treated unfairly at school, how they fight for you and make sure you’re shown justice. How much more your heavenly Father, who made you in His own image. Anyone who messes with you, isn’t messing with just you, he/she is messing with God. Let your Daddy handle it! He’ll do a much better job than you ever would!

All the best,




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Sex! Sex! Sex!

Sex is being idolized everywhere. On media, social media, daily conversations and even in our favourite movies. Sex is now the measure for intelligence and maturity! Unbelievable!

Sex is now a commodity. Sexual relationships, One night-stands, Friends with benefits and so on. Sex isn’t the sacred, behind-closed-doors intimate session between two people deeply in love or married people. Sex is just plain… sex now!

Honestly, I don’t care so much about what people do with their sexuality behind closed doors, but the most irritating part is when they cross the line of self-respect and attack another group.

Yes. Sexually active people attacking celibates. They claim virgins are unintelligent and immature. The width of a girl’s vagina does not determine her intelligence or maturity neither does a man having sex make him mature or intelligent Virginity 101. If sex makes an individual intelligent, then porn stars would…

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Cave Of Strength


Most at times you see young and older ladies come out of relationships, totally shattered. They find it hard to move on, not because the man was so awesome, but because they had lost themselves during the time with that particular man. They built their lives around one person, failing to remember to think of themselves. How does this happen? Losing yourself, Your personality? It happens simply because these women place the men above themselves. In their desperate quest to please their men to be able to keep them, they forget to accept themselves and build their pride around themselves, not around these men. They forget that it is them being them, in their unique ways, with their friends, family, upbringing etc. that makes them extraordinary. This makes them worth loving. There is no need to change your life completely when you yourself do not see the change…

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