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Sex! Sex! Sex!

Sex is being idolized everywhere. On media, social media, daily conversations and even in our favourite movies. Sex is now the measure for intelligence and maturity! Unbelievable!

Sex is now a commodity. Sexual relationships, One night-stands, Friends with benefits and so on. Sex isn’t the sacred, behind-closed-doors intimate session between two people deeply in love or married people. Sex is just plain… sex now!

Honestly, I don’t care so much about what people do with their sexuality behind closed doors, but the most irritating part is when they cross the line of self-respect and attack another group.

Yes. Sexually active people attacking celibates. They claim virgins are unintelligent and immature. The width of a girl’s vagina does not determine her intelligence or maturity neither does a man having sex make him mature or intelligent Virginity 101. If sex makes an individual intelligent, then porn stars would…

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