Homosexuality. What does this term tell me? What do I associate with it? As a ‘straight’ person, as a practising homosexual or as a Christian? Homosexuality is not a ‘modern phenomenon’ as some think. It has been there at least for the past 2000 years. And yes, it has always been wrong in God’s eyes. (1 Tim 1:10). Now that’s for the Christian.
For the ‘straight’ person,  you are not any better than the homosexual. Why? ‘For all have sinned…’ In God’s eyes, there are no different ‘types’ or ‘sizes’ in sin. So just because your sin bears different consequences than your neighbor’s doesn’t make you better than they are. You shouldn’t make fun of them or make them feel bad. Mockery is never the way forward,  neither is hating nor punishing them with stigmatising. What you ought to do is love them, the individuals,  and pray for them.
Talk to them in love and plant the seed and leave it to grow. It won’t be in vain. Many homosexuals are forced to practise because of money or are being abused. Some do not know anything else. That’s why they need us to be there for them. Don’t forget to pray for yourself as well. It is not easy sticking to what the Bible says on homosexuality. Nevertheless,  you should make it clear that it is the act that is wrong and should be avoided but not the people practising it. God loves us all equally. Jesus was there for tax collectors and prostitutes,  whose position could be compared to today’s homosexuals. Hate the evil act, not the people.
To the homosexual, you’re still a child of God. He loves you, no matter how your past and present situations are. Think of your eternal life. Is it love you are getting from your partner? Anyone who truly loves you would be concerned about your welfare,  earthly and eternal. It is never too late. Whatever it is that you get from the homosexual relationship,  remember God says we should seek Him first and everything else will be given to you. He’ll supply your needs according to His riches. Overcome this challenge and experience the joy of being in sync with God.  


5 thoughts on “Homosexuality

  1. I was never abused. No one ever raised a hand to me. I’m in a 13 year relationship with the (same-sex) love of my life. We’ve helped each other more than I could ever explain- whether it be when his mother had vascular dementia or we were elected as carers of children (despite our own reservations).
    I think you should reconsider your tone.

    1. I fully agree with Phoebe. We don’t hate any human being nor will we judge, but God clearly says that homosexuality is a sin. Please give me one Scripture that states that God allows homosexuality and i rest my case. Yes it is true, God loves everybody but He still created hell and people are still going to hell. I have loved ones that are in prison, it pains me but they disobeyed the law. The same way it will be with homosexual people, God loves them but they disobeyed the law and the ultimate punishment if they don’t repent is hell. “Do not practice homosexuality, having sex with another man as with a woman. It is a detestable sin. (Leviticus 18:22 NLT) If you are saying that this old trstament then don’t worry, i have a Scripture for you from the new testament: And the men, instead of having normal sexual relations with women, burned with lust for each other. Men did shameful things with other men, and as a result of this sin, they suffered within themselves the penalty they deserved. (Romans 1:27 NLT) God bless you.

  2. She wrote,
    “Many homosexuals are forced to practise because of money or are being abused.”
    I think you should rather learn to comprehend sentences.

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