Ten Signs He Is A Player

Ten Signs He Is A Player

Cave Of Strength

  1. Shallow conversations – He refuses to talk about emotions, feelings or future plans. Marriage is out of quesion. Even when he speaks about it, he never acts towards it. He wouldn’t even discuss intellectual topics. He is all about sex, sex, sex. How cute your body looks etc.
  2. Protective Over His Phone – Yeah, either you never get the password or he deleted his filthy conversations. His chats are always empty! Honeychile, he is hiding something!
  3. Keeps The Relationship Secret – Yep! He cannot afford to be exposed. That would only bring trouble! He hesitates to meet your family and friends (he prefers meeting the female friends so he can hit on them). He brings up excuses why you cannot meet his family. He makes your fears a reason to keep the relationship secret.
  4. 80% Of Time Spent Together Is On Sex – Every date, meeting, hangout you have ends…

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