Love Bombs

Love Bombs

When someone manipulates you in the name of love, you should know it ain’t real love.

Madeline Scribes

love bombs

One of my young male friends was very excited about a new love interest. She lived a few hours away and he didn’t have a car, so seeing each other was going to be kind of difficult. They had met at a conference he went to for work and he said it was love at first sight. They spent the entire conference canoodling and planning their future together. There was just one tiny detail she had to take care of before that could happen. She was married. I remember rolling my eyes at him, but he seemed to be quite smitten. I told him that being married was not a tiny detail and he should not get too involved. There was a better chance she would never leave her husband for him and he might get his heart broken.  He was adamant and went on to describe to me how she…

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