Sisterhood of World Bloggers Award

Sisterhood of World Bloggers Award






First nomination of the year! Thank you Mawusi for the nomination! I really appreciate it! 

Mawusi’s questions and my answers:

Your favourite colour? White

Your favourite animal?  chihuahua

Favourite non alcohol drink? coconut kiss

Facebook or Twitter? Twitter

Your favourite pattern? Anything with multiple hearts does it! 

Do you prefer getting or giving presents? Giving

Your favourite number? 23

Your favourite day of the week? Saturday

Your favourite flower? Tulips

What is your passion? Working with children


My nominees:

Madeline Scribes

Yvonne Ben


Just a small town girl

Suzie speaks


A devoted life


Miss Kris



To accept the nomination, nominees must answer following questions and nominate other female bloggers!

What is your motivation for blogging?


What is your aim for blogging?


What has been your biggest challenge?


What are you looking forward to?


What is your greatest fear?


How do you plan dealing with your fear?


What is it you can’t do but wished you could?


What do you love doing most? (Hobbies)


What role does family play in your life? (and sisters?)


What is your favorite quote?


I will be visiting your blogs to read your answers! 

Thank you ladies





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