Everything happens for a reason

Everything happens for a reason

You would think you knew it all.

You would think you had it all planned out.

You would think you had the control over everything.

That is exactly when life knocks you over!

When things start spiraling out of control.

You see your plans fade.

You lose focus.

You ask yourself where you are.

Why you are where you are.

And then suddenly,


The storm within calms,

The serenity sets in.

And it transcends to your surroundings.

And then a new plan is formed.

That is when you realize

Why things never worked the way you wanted

Your reason is not always the destined reason.

A new and greater reason sets in.

Writing can heal

Writing can heal

I’m just blown away!

Cristian Mihai

writing_healing“Writing eases my suffering . . . writing is my way of reaffirming my own existence.”  – Gao Xingian

Have you ever asked yourself why is it that people write? Why is it that they feel this urge?

Perhaps they do so because they don’t want to forget. Or maybe because they write differently from what they think, and only in writing do they find the freedom they so desperately need.

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