Aunty Christie’s Homemade Lasagna

Aunty Christie’s Homemade Lasagna

This ought to be tried out!!!


I LOVE Aunty Christie, she is the perfect aunty, nice back, nice legs, nice soul and a banger in the kitchen! Can we trade Dee?

I love her food, I think she is the real Mukase Chic, her tilapia soup is off the hook (yes, I am gradually becoming an Ayigbegirl) so whenever she invites me to join her in the kitchen, I am glad.

Today I bring to you the amazing and simple recipe to her homemade Lasagna, have a read and try to make it, after all I would too, please don’t forget to send me pictures of any of the recipes you love on this blog… to or

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Our flour, milk and butter mixture Our flour, milk and butter mixture [
you should get a creamy mixture like this after the vigorous mix you should get a creamy mixture like this after the vigorous mix

our pot of mince meat stew ready!!! our pot of mince…

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My Lesson – Last Quarter Of The Year (Part 1)

My Lesson – Last Quarter Of The Year (Part 1)

Two things I have learned over the past few months are as follows:

(Yes, I am keeping them short and simple. LOL)

  • When people show you who they are, believe them!

People can only hide their true character for a short while. Of course, everyone is fallible. But, you should not excuse the same mistake more than once. Repeating that mistake should tell you what they actually think of you. People will never be just like you. (I think that is actually good!) People will not treat you the same way you would treat them Accept this. And still treat people well anyways.

  • Whatever you put your mind to, you will achieve it!

I always heard this and never actually tried it out. I am proud to say I was able to achieve all the points on my list and even the little extra points I had on my lists. I am driven!!! You can try it out, too. For the next period of time, say 3 months, write down things you would love to see accomplished. Now, start working on what you need to do to achieve those goals. It is quite easy, once you are determined to make it happen. Carry your list around to remind yourself of your goals, if you have to.