Body Odor

I know this is something I’d usually not blog about, but the strong reminder I had today that, summer is coming back with its heat and that the stench will be intensified and more frequent, cannot be ignored.

Body Odor is just rude.

It abuses your fellow human beings around you, making them not breathe comfortably or in some cases emptying their stomach of its content.

Ladies and gents,
Kindly make sure you don’t go out reeking of onions all day.

Now, I do understand there are people who do not know how to go about controlling body odor.

These are few practical tips that actually work:

1. Take showers daily. Preferably twice. With soap and sponge. And make it a point to scrub armpits with the sponge.

2. Shave off all pubic hairs. Hairy men should consider shaving daily.

3. Wet armpits with fresh lime juice 5-10 minutes before shower.

4. Change into fresh clothes after every shower.

5. Use deodorant. Preferably antiperspirant.

6. If these tips don’t help, consider seeking professional help.


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