One thing I’ve learned in life is not to give up your dreams for someone else.
Because they’ll let you down & you’ll regret the sacrifices you made for them.

Whatever changes occur in your life, whatever decisions you take, make sure you take these steps for you.
Make sure it benefits you.

Loyalty: A lesson by Adulthood

Loyalty: A lesson by Adulthood

In the process of becoming an adult,  you experience series of changes. Changes in your body,  mentality,  location,  dreams and relationships.
One of the many changes is loyalty in relationships.
As a child,  you automatically protect people who protect you or people you love. As a child, you are automatically protected by people who love you and are protected by you.
As a child,  you are taught that one hand washes the other.
But then, as you’re growing up,  you realise that sometimes your hand is stil unwashed after you’ve washed your friend’s/brother’s/sister’s.
You feel disappointed.
The truth of the matter is: Growing up has taught everyone how to wash their own hands.
Yes, people are focused on their own pursuits. Which is actually good because people around you can only be happy doing what they enjoy.
So this is the time for you to find out who cherishes you enough to have you on their minds.
There’s no need to bear grudges with people because they weren’t there when you needed them. Don’t count on external support.  Focus on your personal strengths and weaknesses. Utilize them to the maximum.  Then when you get external help,  be grateful and note them for future purposes.
Your loyalty must be redefined and the benefactors of your loyalty reorganised.
Your loyalty should work for you first and foremost,  then you can extend it out to others.



Head to Heart

cats friendship

Our friendship is like a cup of tea; a special blend of you and me!

There are friends…and there are friends. Those who check up on you everyday and those you are happy don’t actually check up on you everyday. But it is not always that lack of constant communication indicates a friendship is growing stale. Sometimes, it’s just that kind of friendship that…you’re not really going to break your back over.

Check out these types of friendships! Find out the type of friends you have.

1. Bestie/ Soulmate/All the good stuff!: “You know you’re stuck with me, right?”

This group consists of the people you cannot go a day without talking to. If you haven’t heard from them the whole day, it is very very weird. You guys know about both the unimportant things and the milestones, and you’re usually there to celebrate with them.These are the…

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The Men In My Life

The Men In My Life

I have been bestowed the special honor of writing the LADIES’ version of the blog post The Women in My Life – http://wp.me/p2OGSL-3B by my dear friend Ostwiiiiin.
(Read my post first before you check his out! LOL)

Alright, this is how it works:
Following are descriptions of the relationships I have with the men around me and the roles they play in my life. Yes, one person could match more than 1 description so don’t worry, collect as many as you can!

That one man who confuses you more than your female friends do.

That one who cooks almost as good as your mommy.

That one who understands and shares your passion.

That one man who always makes you smile.

That one whose company you thoroughly enjoy.

That one who allows you to be you.

That one who constantly flirts with you even though there can’t be anything serious for whatever reason.

That one you effortlessly have those deep and honest conversations with.

That one who broke your heart.

That one whose heart you broke.

That one you talk to everyday. A day without a word from him is just unbearable.

Your crush.

That one who knows everything. Yes, EVERYTHING.

That one to whom you run to when you need to get something fixed. (Handyman 😍😍😍😍)

That one who has the perfect scripture for every situation. Yes, your salted Christian friend.

That one who is the fashionisto. Oh yes he inspires me!

That one who loves teasing you.

That one you love teasing.

That one who wouldn’t give up on a relationship with you no matter what you told him.

That one who can’t say no to you 😆

That one you don’t find attractive one bit.

That one whose standards are unreachable so you just have to give up on.

That one who is sinfully cute, yet untouchable.

That one you’d love to smack in the face because he’s sooooooo annoying!

Huh! The bully.

That adorable one you could hug over and over if you could!

That one who keeps procrastinating claiming he has a plan.

That one who is full of wisdom.

The generous one.

That one who loves your cooking. Ugh you boost my confidence!

That one who is forcing the friendship.

That one who doesn’t know what he wants from you or at least doesn’t know how to say it. (Ain’t nobody got time for that!)

Now, that one who touches that spot. That one you can never forget.

That one you never want to see or have contact with.

The selfless one.

The Women in My Life

The Women in My Life

This made me LOL !

I found myself in about 3 descriptions

Ostwin Writes

Most people believe that “women are impossible to understand”. I wasn’t one of such people. If you have 7 sisters plus several aunties with whom you relate very well, you’re bound to learn a thing or two about how they think, act and/or react to certain situations. Before my third year in the university though, I hadn’t realised that I could “very easily” interact with girls until my colleague SOCIOSO Executive started calling me “ladies man”, reason being that the girls seemed to be comfortable around me.

I won’t be talking about any girl in particular, but I will throw a couple of random “descriptions”; of girls I have personally encountered as well as those I’ve seen in the lives of some of my close friends. If you’re a female (especially my friends) and reading this, try and find yourself in the descriptions. I could very well be referring to you. Guys…

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