Head to Heart

cats friendship

Our friendship is like a cup of tea; a special blend of you and me!

There are friends…and there are friends. Those who check up on you everyday and those you are happy don’t actually check up on you everyday. But it is not always that lack of constant communication indicates a friendship is growing stale. Sometimes, it’s just that kind of friendship that…you’re not really going to break your back over.

Check out these types of friendships! Find out the type of friends you have.

1. Bestie/ Soulmate/All the good stuff!: “You know you’re stuck with me, right?”

This group consists of the people you cannot go a day without talking to. If you haven’t heard from them the whole day, it is very very weird. You guys know about both the unimportant things and the milestones, and you’re usually there to celebrate with them.These are the…

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