Dilemma: She says she has a boyfriend, but I really like her.

Dilemma: She says she has a boyfriend, but I really like her.


Thank you so much for your mail.

First: the girl. She’s shown you (almost) beyond doubt that she’s in a relationship. The fact that her partner is not around makes her miss certain things that she would do with him if he were to be around. And that’s why you got that kiss. Her feeling guilty and telling you is a sign that she values her relationship with her partner more than what she has with you.
Now you: how would you feel if your girlfriend was kissing another guy because he’s close enough? Yes, put yourself in his shoes.
And then, think of how the relationship will be in future if you can’t put yourself in his shoes. Would you be able to trust her?
You can make the decision to stop these feelings for and keep your distance for a while. Give her the space to make a sincere decision on who she wants to be with to avoid your being used as the stand-in boyfriend.
All the best.


Linda Ikeji vrs. Wizkid: Is the war really over?

Is it really that deep?

It’s quite obvious his little cousin would never beat her up.

She said even worse things threatening to damage his career.

Anyways, in my opinion, wizkid won.



Wizkid and the Nigerian celebrity blogger Linda Ikeji have not been cordial following the latter’s publications of his baby mama and eviction stories. Wizkid didn’t let the  publications slide. After another story on his eviction from his home which led to the singer’s posting  insults on the blogger’s instagram page threatening to send his cousin over to beat her up, the blogger filed a police report. They were both invited to chief police commissioner’s office in Lagos.

Here’s her side of her story: She filed the police report because she was threatened with harm. Her action would stop Wizkid from threatening other ladies. Moreover young men should know abusing ladies is not the right thing to do.

Here is Wizkid’s side: The police is your friend. Quick question: Whose? His or Linda’s?


Here is the response of a reader on Linda’s blog: Why are you such a hypocrite Linda?


And Twitter Naija: We don taya una!



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