Holiday Cooking: Bolognese

Holiday Cooking: Bolognese



  • Minced Meat (Beef, Pork, Or Beef-Pork-Mix)
  • Onion
  • Celery
  • Carrots
  • White Pepper
  • Salt
  • Black Pepper
  • Garlic (Fresh or dry ground)
  • Concentrated Tomato Paste
  • Sieved tomatoes
  • Dried Thyme
  • Red Wine
  • Dried Bay Leaves


Steps to follow:

Chop onion, carrots and celery.


Fry in oil for 3-5 minutesTake half-done vegetables out of oil and replace with minced meat


Spice frying minced meat with white pepper, salt and garlic

Fry till meat is totally brown without pink spots

Add concentrated tomato paste and let simmer for few minutes


Add sieved tomatoes (depending on desired thickness )


Add two tablespoons of red wine for flavor

Add thyme and bay leaf


Let bolognese cook slowly with low heat ( Sieved tomatoes/Tomato juice and/or salt can be added if desired)


Serve with noodles of choice:


Recipe: Fante-Fante (Ghanaian fresh fish sauce) with Banku

Recipe: Fante-Fante (Ghanaian fresh fish sauce) with Banku


Hey guys! Upon the feedback on Twitter, I decided to do another recipe post. Fante-Fante was the most chosen dish, so here we go…


What you need

– Fresh Fish: I used barracudas, also known as melussa. You can use any fish you want. If the bones scare you, feel free to use any fresh fish filet.

– onions, pepper, tomatoes and ginger: I used the tomato paste,  not fresh tomatoes. You can use fresh tomatoes as well. I had two onions,  one red pepper and about half of the ginger you see on the board, say 100 grams.


– palm/red oil: You don’t need much. Just three/four tablespoonfuls will do.



Start with cleaning the fish and cutting them into desired sizes.  Salt the fish and set it aside.



Continue with the palm oil and sliced onion. First, oil in the pan, then sliced onion. Some may add concentrated tomato paste after the onions have started frying.

Blend the second onion with the pepper and ginger. Add the pulp to the onions and oil. Stir well and then add the tomato paste after about two/three minutes.


After about five minutes you add the fresh cleaned fish. Add about 100ml of water to help the fish cook. You’re basically done with the sauce. Let it simmer till the fish is cooked. Add salt, if necessary.


You need corn dough and cassava dough.

The easiest way is to take same amount of corn dough as cassava dough. 50-50, that is.

Mix the two with water to a semi-thick paste. Do not forget to add salt.

Start cooking, stirring constantly. After a while, you should achieve such texture as in the picture.  You know your banku is done when it doesn’t stick to your fingers.

If banku is too much of a hassle, rice is a perfect alternative.



The Nkatekonto Soup

The Nkatekonto Soup


The nkatekonto soup is a Ghanaian food. It’s basically a different version of the groundnut soup. It’s groundnut soup with cocoyam leaves(kontomire). In absence of cocoyam leaves, you can use spinach as well.
I enjoyed making this, as it was my first time after looking over mom’s shoulder in the kitchen once. And it was fun! Fun and very easy!  And yes tasty too!

The ingredients


Groundnut paste
Cocoyam leaves
Meat (whatever kind you want)
Koobi(dried salted tilapia) and dry/smoked fish
Pepper, Onion and Ginger
Pureed tomatoes

To the procedure


You wash the meat you want to use (in my case I used beef, ribs to be precise and smoked turkey). Add your grounded onion, pepper and ginger mix. Add some salt/maggi. Start steaming…

Wash the cocoyam leaves and add water. ( I added my washed koobi-dried salted tilapia). Then boil. You only need the cocoyam leaves soft enough for grinding to a smooth paste.


The peanut butter is to be mixed with water to a fine pulp and stirred on fire. You know it’s cooked when there’s oil on the surface.


Add tomato puree and the cooked peanut butter to the meat. Let it simmer for a few minutes. Then add the cocoyam leaves paste.

(I added dry fish filet and koobi for real African flavor)

Your soup basically has all the ingredients now, all you need to do is let it cook some more.


You can pair nkatekonto with fufu, rice, gari, banku etc. I chose fufu for today.

The fufu:


Boil water. Pour in the fufu flour and start stirring immediately. Add more flour to get desired thickness.


Bon Appetit!