Hearts may break but they also heal

Hearts may break but they also heal

I’ll share my journey of heart break, healing and the lessons learned. This will probably be one of my most poignant posts, but it has been a long time coming. After sharing my story and the …

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KNUST Sex Tape: If you were my baby Sister

KNUST Sex Tape: If you were my baby Sister

I have steered clear of a lot of controversial issues and goings on in this country since I took a break from my career in media, but this one cannot remain on the back burner; it has to move cente…

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Linda Ikeji vrs. Wizkid: Is the war really over?

Is it really that deep?

It’s quite obvious his little cousin would never beat her up.

She said even worse things threatening to damage his career.

Anyways, in my opinion, wizkid won.



Wizkid and the Nigerian celebrity blogger Linda Ikeji have not been cordial following the latter’s publications of his baby mama and eviction stories. Wizkid didn’t let the  publications slide. After another story on his eviction from his home which led to the singer’s posting  insults on the blogger’s instagram page threatening to send his cousin over to beat her up, the blogger filed a police report. They were both invited to chief police commissioner’s office in Lagos.

Here’s her side of her story: She filed the police report because she was threatened with harm. Her action would stop Wizkid from threatening other ladies. Moreover young men should know abusing ladies is not the right thing to do.

Here is Wizkid’s side: The police is your friend. Quick question: Whose? His or Linda’s?


Here is the response of a reader on Linda’s blog: Why are you such a hypocrite Linda?


And Twitter Naija: We don taya una!



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Guest writers are welcome

Guest writers are welcome

Hi everyone,

I know. It has been ages. I have been caught up with school work, love and too many ideas that prevent me from writing.

But tonight, I just decided to go ahead with one of the plans and invite the guest writers officially and welcome those who have submitted or are preparing their articles as well.

Special thanks to Nicolas Dassah for his first submission. I personally look forward to more. And yes, it is supposed to be interactive. Don’t be shy to give the authors feedback, encouragement and your opinion.

If you do want your work published on mamizzle.com, simply send me an email @ mamizzle233@gmail.com




Feeble Heart by Nicolas Dassah

Feeble Heart by Nicolas Dassah

It has been a long time since I entered a church, other than the love cathedral that is my heart, but with another heart break, I find myself venturing inside the walls of the Roman Catholic Church near my home. With a quick glance around I slip into the confession box. The old wood creaks as I sit down and a hoarse voice comes through the little window to my right. “How can I help you my son?” the voice asks.

Bless me Father, for I have sinned. It has been many years since my last confession and I fear for my soul,” I begin, with a notable tremble in my voice.

“Continue,” the voice gently encourages.

“Father, my confession today is that I dislike girls with a passion. I have tried to like them in the past. I really have.

“I have seen a number  since I turned 20. I marvelled as my mate single-handedly (that is not a reference to anyone) won the heart of this girl in 2008

   “I felt the disappointment as I crashed out on this girl to a douche. Then I felt great elation as I failed to love again. I have sat through countless meaningless emotions

   “Why do I feel this way? Is it so wrong to dislike girls? Why do others make me feel I have sinned against my heart.” Tears are close to slipping from my weary eyes; my head slumps forward onto my chest and I await an answer.

“My son,” the Priest begins gently, “there is nothing for you to repent of here.

Girls are dull and tedious to be with. I would be surprised if you could name five girls in the past 10 years that have actually excited you in the same way as women do. Who do you love?”

“Seyram ,” I reply proudly. Already my spirit feels lifted.

“There you go. You’ve been brought up on a diet of flowing and beautiful love that girls  just cannot live up to – especially those who don’t appreciate you. Do you fear for their safe return from their Exes?”

“I do. The days between  are fraught with anxiety. I hope no one picks up a broken heart that rules them out for months on end. I’ve seen it happen before and often wonder why girls break hearts so close to the end of Vals. Why schedule them in squeaky bum time?”

“Your concern does you credit my son. You are not alone in your fears. Seyram is the bread and butter to many men. Ignore those who say you are wrong. Each is entitled to their view on this matter. You may go.”

“Thank you Father.”

Leaving the church, I feel my soul has been cleansed. It is not wrong for me to dislike ungrateful girls after all, but please God, let everyone return home without a broken heart- well, unless they are wicked, heartless or blind that is!


About the author:

Nicolas Dassah is an ordinary man who believes in God Almighty. Lifetime Manchester United fan. One of the best moments of my life was seeing Paul Scholes score a volley.

Last Push

Last Push

A happy, blessed and successful new month to you!
Yes, November is here!
And depending on where you are the changes around you all indicate that the end of the year is near!
When I realised this yesterday I panicked for a second because I realised I had less time to achieve the goals I want to achieve this year.
After a while I relaxed and told myself I just have to work extra hard, put in more energy, re-focus and stay focused to achieve these goals.
And that’s what I want to share with you.
The last 20% of the year should be maximised.
Don’t waste time fretting and holding yourself and your success back. Stop saying I can’t. You truly can.
Make that decision, that step to channel all positive energy into achieving your goals.
One reason why you should put in even more effort is that you can look back and be proud of yourself and achievements. If you don’t get to the point where you wished to be, that’s not bad. You’ve actually started something you can continue in the next year.
So it’s a win-win situation once you work harder.
Motivate yourself to do more.
Take stock of your achievements.
Remember where you started from and where you have gotten to today.
And give your goals one last hard push



Head to Heart

cats friendship

Our friendship is like a cup of tea; a special blend of you and me!

There are friends…and there are friends. Those who check up on you everyday and those you are happy don’t actually check up on you everyday. But it is not always that lack of constant communication indicates a friendship is growing stale. Sometimes, it’s just that kind of friendship that…you’re not really going to break your back over.

Check out these types of friendships! Find out the type of friends you have.

1. Bestie/ Soulmate/All the good stuff!: “You know you’re stuck with me, right?”

This group consists of the people you cannot go a day without talking to. If you haven’t heard from them the whole day, it is very very weird. You guys know about both the unimportant things and the milestones, and you’re usually there to celebrate with them.These are the…

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