The Men In My Life

The Men In My Life

I have been bestowed the special honor of writing the LADIES’ version of the blog post The Women in My Life – by my dear friend Ostwiiiiin.
(Read my post first before you check his out! LOL)

Alright, this is how it works:
Following are descriptions of the relationships I have with the men around me and the roles they play in my life. Yes, one person could match more than 1 description so don’t worry, collect as many as you can!

That one man who confuses you more than your female friends do.

That one who cooks almost as good as your mommy.

That one who understands and shares your passion.

That one man who always makes you smile.

That one whose company you thoroughly enjoy.

That one who allows you to be you.

That one who constantly flirts with you even though there can’t be anything serious for whatever reason.

That one you effortlessly have those deep and honest conversations with.

That one who broke your heart.

That one whose heart you broke.

That one you talk to everyday. A day without a word from him is just unbearable.

Your crush.

That one who knows everything. Yes, EVERYTHING.

That one to whom you run to when you need to get something fixed. (Handyman 😍😍😍😍)

That one who has the perfect scripture for every situation. Yes, your salted Christian friend.

That one who is the fashionisto. Oh yes he inspires me!

That one who loves teasing you.

That one you love teasing.

That one who wouldn’t give up on a relationship with you no matter what you told him.

That one who can’t say no to you 😆

That one you don’t find attractive one bit.

That one whose standards are unreachable so you just have to give up on.

That one who is sinfully cute, yet untouchable.

That one you’d love to smack in the face because he’s sooooooo annoying!

Huh! The bully.

That adorable one you could hug over and over if you could!

That one who keeps procrastinating claiming he has a plan.

That one who is full of wisdom.

The generous one.

That one who loves your cooking. Ugh you boost my confidence!

That one who is forcing the friendship.

That one who doesn’t know what he wants from you or at least doesn’t know how to say it. (Ain’t nobody got time for that!)

Now, that one who touches that spot. That one you can never forget.

That one you never want to see or have contact with.

The selfless one.

The Women in My Life

The Women in My Life

This made me LOL !

I found myself in about 3 descriptions

Ostwin Writes

Most people believe that “women are impossible to understand”. I wasn’t one of such people. If you have 7 sisters plus several aunties with whom you relate very well, you’re bound to learn a thing or two about how they think, act and/or react to certain situations. Before my third year in the university though, I hadn’t realised that I could “very easily” interact with girls until my colleague SOCIOSO Executive started calling me “ladies man”, reason being that the girls seemed to be comfortable around me.

I won’t be talking about any girl in particular, but I will throw a couple of random “descriptions”; of girls I have personally encountered as well as those I’ve seen in the lives of some of my close friends. If you’re a female (especially my friends) and reading this, try and find yourself in the descriptions. I could very well be referring to you. Guys…

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These past months I’ve learned of the passing on of two vibrant young ladies. One of them was only 24, the other not older than 26.
What I’ve learned from these tragic incidents is: Life is too short not to enjoy it!
Yes, life is too short to bear grudges.
Life is too short to procrastinate.
Life is too short to hold on to pain.
Life is too short to accept less than you deserve.
Life is too short to not believe in your dreams and pursue them.
Life is too short to neglect your maker. Seek a relationship with God and nourish it. Prepare for the other side.
Life is too short to not make peace with yourself and be in harmony with your inner self.
Simply live.
Love yourself.

Who Are You?! Louis Vuitton Mask Accessories Collection

Who Are You?! Louis Vuitton Mask Accessories Collection

My birthday is around the corner! !!

A subtle inspiration for my present 😉

RALUCA STOICA Louis Vuitton Mask Accessories Collection

A new collection of accessories came to life in the workshops of the French fashion house, Louis Vuitton – Louis Vuitton Mask Collection  – in ethnic style, including shoes, handbags, jewelry, wallets and key rings.

The Mask Capsule Collection honours the African masks collected by Gaston Louis Vuitton, the grandson of the founder of the brand, an avid traveler and collector, fascinated by the 30’s African art.

For the indigenous people of Africa masks have been associated with death and the otherworldly forces, and artists all over the world became huge fans of the accessory, like great Picasso himself. The new Louis Vuitton mini collection is indeed a work of art. Simply beautiful! Louis Vuitton Mask Accessories Collection Louis Vuitton Mask Accessories Collection Louis Vuitton Mask Accessories Collection Louis Vuitton Mask Accessories Collection Louis Vuitton Mask Accessories Collection Louis Vuitton Mask Accessories Collection Louis Vuitton…

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Aunty Christie’s Homemade Lasagna

Aunty Christie’s Homemade Lasagna

This ought to be tried out!!!


I LOVE Aunty Christie, she is the perfect aunty, nice back, nice legs, nice soul and a banger in the kitchen! Can we trade Dee?

I love her food, I think she is the real Mukase Chic, her tilapia soup is off the hook (yes, I am gradually becoming an Ayigbegirl) so whenever she invites me to join her in the kitchen, I am glad.

Today I bring to you the amazing and simple recipe to her homemade Lasagna, have a read and try to make it, after all I would too, please don’t forget to send me pictures of any of the recipes you love on this blog… to or

Find me on twitter – Mukasechic and on Instagram too and tag moi


Our flour, milk and butter mixture Our flour, milk and butter mixture [
you should get a creamy mixture like this after the vigorous mix you should get a creamy mixture like this after the vigorous mix

our pot of mince meat stew ready!!! our pot of mince…

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My Lesson – Last Quarter Of The Year (Part 1)

My Lesson – Last Quarter Of The Year (Part 1)

Two things I have learned over the past few months are as follows:

(Yes, I am keeping them short and simple. LOL)

  • When people show you who they are, believe them!

People can only hide their true character for a short while. Of course, everyone is fallible. But, you should not excuse the same mistake more than once. Repeating that mistake should tell you what they actually think of you. People will never be just like you. (I think that is actually good!) People will not treat you the same way you would treat them Accept this. And still treat people well anyways.

  • Whatever you put your mind to, you will achieve it!

I always heard this and never actually tried it out. I am proud to say I was able to achieve all the points on my list and even the little extra points I had on my lists. I am driven!!! You can try it out, too. For the next period of time, say 3 months, write down things you would love to see accomplished. Now, start working on what you need to do to achieve those goals. It is quite easy, once you are determined to make it happen. Carry your list around to remind yourself of your goals, if you have to.

Everything happens for a reason

Everything happens for a reason

You would think you knew it all.

You would think you had it all planned out.

You would think you had the control over everything.

That is exactly when life knocks you over!

When things start spiraling out of control.

You see your plans fade.

You lose focus.

You ask yourself where you are.

Why you are where you are.

And then suddenly,


The storm within calms,

The serenity sets in.

And it transcends to your surroundings.

And then a new plan is formed.

That is when you realize

Why things never worked the way you wanted

Your reason is not always the destined reason.

A new and greater reason sets in.