Review: London Virgin Hair by Mamizzle

Review: London Virgin Hair by Mamizzle

Hello everyone!

I present to you my impression of the Brazilian Loose Wave Extensions by London Virgin Hair.

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Last Push

Last Push

A happy, blessed and successful new month to you!
Yes, November is here!
And depending on where you are the changes around you all indicate that the end of the year is near!
When I realised this yesterday I panicked for a second because I realised I had less time to achieve the goals I want to achieve this year.
After a while I relaxed and told myself I just have to work extra hard, put in more energy, re-focus and stay focused to achieve these goals.
And that’s what I want to share with you.
The last 20% of the year should be maximised.
Don’t waste time fretting and holding yourself and your success back. Stop saying I can’t. You truly can.
Make that decision, that step to channel all positive energy into achieving your goals.
One reason why you should put in even more effort is that you can look back and be proud of yourself and achievements. If you don’t get to the point where you wished to be, that’s not bad. You’ve actually started something you can continue in the next year.
So it’s a win-win situation once you work harder.
Motivate yourself to do more.
Take stock of your achievements.
Remember where you started from and where you have gotten to today.
And give your goals one last hard push

Choose your battles wisely

Choose your battles wisely

You know how you want to get back at people for hurting you. How confusing it is when people you know are evil seem to be enjoying life without worries. You feel it’s your responsibility to ensure they feel pain or face difficulties?

Don’t waste your time on such people. Don’t waste your time on people who are already lost.

Truth of the matter is: they’re suffering. They’re temporarily great at hiding it. You’ll see them bearing the consequences of their actions without your help.

But most importantly, stop giving them your attention. Don’t wish them evil. Try to forgive them and channel your energy and time to yourself.

Concentrate on yourself. Fight battles that will lead you into victory. Find new challenges for yourself so you can progress.

When you are in an environment surrounded by people who don’t like you, don’t concentrate on them. Don’t allow their hateful attitude get to you.

If you can have a mature conversation with them to solve the issue, fine. But if not, simply reflect on how you can make things better. Instead of picking fights that drain you of your energy and make the situation worse, invest in yourself.

Make sure you do what you are supposed to do. Add value to yourself. This way, you earn their respect. Don’t waste your time beating yourself down. Use your time wisely. Look forward to overcoming challenges. Look forward to the better and stronger you.



Change is inevitable. Change is the only constant aspect of life.

As long as you’re alive, changes will occur. Be they in your body, mind, opinions, beliefs, environment, relationships.

All around and within you, changes will be taking place.

Some changes are easy, fun and pleasant. Others are hard, challenging and painful.
Some changes threaten the very being of your existence. Fact is, no process of change leaves you the same.

However challenging the changes in your life my be, you have to make it a point to ensure that that particular change works out for your own good. That process of change must be of advantage to you.
Make sure that period of painful transitioning yields good fruit in your life and adds something to the achievement of your personal aims and goals.

Whenever you’re in a not so comfortable situation, keep your eyes on your goal. Look for ways to bring yourself closer to your goal. Don’t waste time in despair. Try your best to stay driven.

Make plans ahead of time. So unexpected changes won’t take you by surprise and wreck your dream. Once you have a plan, a change will only mean adjusting those plans to fit the situation. You definitely won’t be completely lost, as prior planning serve as an orientation.

As you’re adjusting your plans, you’ll have to be on the lookout for advantages that come with the change. If you don’t see any, just remember: “what doesn’t kill you can only make you stronger”!

Even when the process of change turns out to be pleasant, challenge yourself by raising your expectations and aims. Add extra goals.

This way, you’re maximising your potential in all situations. You’re forced to see the positive side in every situation. You’re definitely going to be on the path of success.

Change can be good to you, only if you make it work to your advantage.

As iron sharpens iron …

As iron sharpens iron …

Never underestimate the influence the company you keep has on you.

People you stay in contact with rub off on you, one way or the other.
You pick up ideas and character traits from people consciously or unconsciously.

Even if you don’t copy their activities or ideas, they influence how you think regarding those activities or ideas.

This becomes critical when it comes to your ability to achieve your dreams.
The conversations you have either push your dreams into reality or they keep your progress stagnant. Worst case, the wrong kind of conversations could kill your dreams.

So therefore, choose your friends wisely.
Find people who are in the same movement as you. You need people with similar goals.

Conversations with such people encourage you. You learn from their mistakes. Conversations with the right people will open your eyes to things that will fuel the progress/journey to achieving your dreams.
Even their activities show the type of people they are.
How determined they go about their goals is definitely going to motivate and encourage you for your own journey.

Yes, you have to activate your senses to screen the people who come into your life to know whether they’re adding to or taking away from you.
Are they supportive? Do they cause you to move in the right direction? Do they make you feel you are wasting time and resources?
Anyone who is extra baggage for your journey must be left behind. You have to save your energy for what’s important and what’s positive.
You don’t have to be rude to those who don’t share your vision, you simply have to limit the time you spend with them.

In the end, it all boils down to you knowing what you want and how to get what you want.
It’s up to you to know/decide how much you need your dreams achieved.
And then you’ll know how to control the influence that is coming in because …
As iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens a friend.



These past months I’ve learned of the passing on of two vibrant young ladies. One of them was only 24, the other not older than 26.
What I’ve learned from these tragic incidents is: Life is too short not to enjoy it!
Yes, life is too short to bear grudges.
Life is too short to procrastinate.
Life is too short to hold on to pain.
Life is too short to accept less than you deserve.
Life is too short to not believe in your dreams and pursue them.
Life is too short to neglect your maker. Seek a relationship with God and nourish it. Prepare for the other side.
Life is too short to not make peace with yourself and be in harmony with your inner self.
Simply live.
Love yourself.


Body Odor

I know this is something I’d usually not blog about, but the strong reminder I had today that, summer is coming back with its heat and that the stench will be intensified and more frequent, cannot be ignored.

Body Odor is just rude.

It abuses your fellow human beings around you, making them not breathe comfortably or in some cases emptying their stomach of its content.

Ladies and gents,
Kindly make sure you don’t go out reeking of onions all day.

Now, I do understand there are people who do not know how to go about controlling body odor.

These are few practical tips that actually work:

1. Take showers daily. Preferably twice. With soap and sponge. And make it a point to scrub armpits with the sponge.

2. Shave off all pubic hairs. Hairy men should consider shaving daily.

3. Wet armpits with fresh lime juice 5-10 minutes before shower.

4. Change into fresh clothes after every shower.

5. Use deodorant. Preferably antiperspirant.

6. If these tips don’t help, consider seeking professional help.

Tit For Tat? Or not?

Tit For Tat? Or not?

Lately I have been at the giving side in most of my friendships and relationships. Giving in the form of advice, kind words, financial support, being physically and emotionally present etc.

I acknowledge the blessing in giving. I do believe as a Christian that it is more blessed to give than to receive. Yet, as human as  I am, I sometimes feel used, taken advantage of. I even feel burnt out, left with no energy for myself

This write-up is to remind myself and everyone else in such a situation that we should never grow weary of doing good.

Yes, sometimes it gets hard when all your good deeds are thrown back in your face, unappreciated.

It hurts when you seem to get no help when you need it most. When you feel lonely at the time of your need.

When those you selflessly help boldly turn their backs on you when you need them.


There is one way to deal with the disappointment!

You do not seek rewards from people around you. When you give, give without expecting anything in return. This way, you spare yourself the disappointment and hurt because you had no expectations.

Moroever, your reward -the best reward – comes from God. He sees your heart and knows your thoughts. Give cheerfully. That is the bigger challenge!

So next time, when you feel like giving up on doing good, remember who you are doing it for. Remember that human rewards are nothing compared to heavenly rewards.

And do not forget to love yourself, too. “Love your neighbor as you love yourself”. You are commanded to take care of yourself first. That is the only way you can give sincerely.